“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Rom 2:12

Hypnosis is so natural and normal it works for just about anyone. The best subjects appear to be the intelligent, imaginative and motivated individuals who want to see progress in their lives, that either attain or exceed the expectations of their ideal(s), goals and or beliefs. A person who has ever “been in the zone” while playing music or sports or while reading, writing, studying, conversing, driving or involved in just about any  other normal daily activity can in short order, learn to summon that innate power via hypnosis.

Healthy, positive, practical, sensible, reasonable, effective, self-administered, natural, drug free, no side effects, essentially risk free, potentially life changing, all while one is completely in control and effectively aware of all they need to know that’s going on around them, are words and concepts associated with hypnosis. Why this isn’t an intervention or treatment of first resort boarders on negligence when one considers all the problems, complications, side effects and costs of so many other treatment modalities. Hypnosis is not dangerous, sleep, magic, unconsciousness, loss of control, unusual will power, or necessarily areligious. It may be the most misunderstood and underused treatment intervention in the healthcare universe.

Healthy Hypnotic Powers